Asahishuzo’s “DASSAI” is not bound by the conventional traditions or concepts of sake. From its roots as a small sake brewery born in the mountain region of Yamaguchi Prefecture, DASSAI has become the center of innovation in the sake world.

DASSAI has grown from its humble beginnings in Japan to being sold in more than 20 countries and has become a sake that is loved around the world. It continues to take on new initiatives, and in April 2018 teamed up with world renowned French chef and restaurateur Joël Robuchon to open “DASSAI · Joël Robuchon” in Paris.

DASSAI’s innovation can even be seen from its unique manufacturing process that foregoes a chief sake brewer. This same innovative spirit is echoed throughout its packaging, distribution methods, marketing, creative strategy, and even the way the products are named.

DASSAI has been a pioneer of creating new ways for the world to enjoy sake. In 2018, DASSAI sets its sights on a new wave of innovation and is proud to announce the “DASSAI DESIGN AWARD 2018”, a collaborative design competition for young and ambitious artists. The concept of the competition is for young designers to bring their diverse values and sense of the world to express DASSAI’s philosophy through design.

The design is for the box that bottles of DASSAI are packaged in, and the Grand Prize winner will have their design used in a special run of actual products that will be sold both in Japan and around the world.

DASSAI yearns to bring new innovation to the world together with designers who share the same passion.

We eagerly await your entries that contain fresh ideas, unique sensibilities and unconventional notions.



DASSAI is seeking a new design for the package of their flagship brand “DASSAI 23 JUNMAI DAIGINJO” Work should be something fresh, with excellent sensibilities and does not overlap with pre existing concepts.


  • Entries must be original, previously unpublished and it must be possible to manufacture it as the DASSAI product packaging box.
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions.
  • Entries may be done either as an individual or as a team. Regardless of if the work is submitted as an individual or team, the submission must follow the same guidelines (e.g. original work, previously unpublished, not submitted to previous or other competitions)
  • Open to any nationality. Professional experience is not required.
  • Entries cannot violate or breach any copyrights laws, portrait rights, trademark rights or any other rights that infringe the rights or interests of a third party.
  • The product’s name must be “DASSAI 23 JUNMAI DAIGINJO”.
  • The fixed DASSAI logo must be used. The logo data will be provided to entrants.
  • As pictured to the right, please design the illustrated six surfaces: front, two sides, top, bottom, back.
    For the back side, please create a design that would allow space to easily print the following information:
    • - Company Name: Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd
    • - Address
    • - Barcode
  • Box size: H350mm W92mm D92mm



  • Grand Prize/Receiving certificate of “DASSAI DESIGN AWARD 2018”(1 peron) Medal / Reward of 100 million Yen
  • Most valuable prize(5 person) Medal / Reward of 200 thousands yen

The work of the Grand Prize winner will be produced as the package of 50,000 bottles of the flagship brand “DASSAI 23 JUNMAI DAIGINJO”, and will be sold in Japan and around the world.


  • Open to any nationality regardless of occupation.
  • Both individual and group entries are accepted.
  • Entrants must be over 20 years of age.



    Please use the link below to download the template data.


    Submit the application form with your work as a PDF or zip file via the Application link below.
    *Deadline : August 17th 2018 / 13:00 (JST)



  • 1.There is no restriction on the number of entries. Any number of entries may be submitted by an individual or group.
  • 2. Maximum file size of the data should not exceed 1GB.
  • 3. Submissions that contain parts that would make it difficult to produce an actual box may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.
  • 4. Please be sure to clearly outline the concept of your work on the Application Form.
  • 5. Entries are strictly limited to original and unreleased work. Entries also must not have been used in previous competitions, or won previous awards and must be created specifically for this competition.
  • 6. Entries will only be accepted through this site.
  • 7. Please do not contact Asahishuzo Co., Ltd. regarding any inquiries about this competition, inquiries will not be responded to.
  • 8. Please do not make any inquiries in regards to the judging process or decision. They will not be responded to.

The personal information that you submit to Sendenkaigi at the time of application will be used for communications regarding this competition and for other information provided by Sendenkaigi. Please check and review the privacy policy before applying.
Winning works will be announced on the official website. In the case that you are submitting your entry as a group, please fill out the information of the person that will represent the group.

Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. privacy policy:

[Disclaimers About the Grand Prize Winner]

  • The copyright of the winning submission will belong to Asahishuzo Co., Ltd.
  • Asahishuzo Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make slight modifications to the design if deemed necessary during the manufacturing process.
  • The winner will be required to sign an agreement with Asahishuzo Co., Ltd. in regards to the winning work.


June 1st, Announce the theme. June 28th, Orientation/Application start. July 17th, Application deadline. Nov. 1st, Final inspection/check. Jan. 2019, Award ceremony.


The “DASSAI AWARD 2018 Orientation” will be held by the founder
of Asahishuzo Co., Ltd. Mr. Hiroshi Sakurai, on June 28th.
He will share valuable insights about the competition and theme that will be helpful
to designing your work. If you have the opportunity to join, please apply below.
*Please note that the orientation will only be held in Japanese.


  • Masamichi Toyama
    Masamichi Toyama
    President and CEO of Smiles Co.

    Born in 1962 in Tokyo. After graduating from Keio University, Toyama joined Mitsubishi Corp in 1985. In 2000, he opened the first “Soup Stock Tokyo” restaurant. Other accolades include his tie specialty store “giraffe”, specialty recycle shop “PASS THE BATON”, family restaurant “100spoons”, Contemporary Food & Liquor “PAVILION”, and a boutique seaweed bento box store “Hake Jyo-yu : Noriben yamanobori”.
    Toyama embodies the idea of “Expanding the value of living” as a corporate philosophy, and looks to create a new way of modern life that is not bound by the established concepts or frameworks of the industry. He has recently published two books - “I Decided to Succeed” published by “Shincho Bunko” and “Business Model of What You Want to Do – PASS THE BATON” (Kobundo).

  • Yosuke Suga
    Yosuke Suga
    President of SUGALABO Inc.

    Born in 1976 in Nagoya.
    From his early childhood, Suga grew up looking at the backside of the industry. His father, runs a Western restaurant, French restaurant and patisserie.
    At the age of 21, he has met his master - Joël Robuchon, and continued to refine his skills over the next 16 years. He became the Executive Chef of L`Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Tokyo. Thereafter, he opened Ateliers in Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York, Taipei and Paris. In 2014, he returned to Japan and in the following year launched his laboratory “SUGALABO Inc.” in Kamiyacho, Tokyo.
    He continues to work creatively in several fields and runs exclusive time limited membership restaurants.

  • Yuki Ninagawa
    Yuki Ninagawa
    Painter / Actress

    Ninagawa made her debut as an actress in 1978 when she was chosen out of 3,000 candidates in a role for Kohei Tsukasa's opera “Salome”.
    In 1981, she received the Best New Actress Award at the Yokohama Film Festival for her performance in “Kurutta Kajitsu”. In 2004, she directed, wrote, and starred in the short film “BARAMERABA”.
    In 2008, she won the Art Grand Prize at the Painting Exhibition “BARAMEKUTOKI” held at Tokyu Bunkamura Gallery. Since then, she has held large-scale solo exhibitions every year. Her fascinating works drawn with rock paints have overwhelming support for women.
    In 2017, she had a successful solo exhibition of “La Divina Commedia Della Rosa”, theme of Dante's work “Divine Comedy – Inferno”. The work was displayed at a stunning size of 30 meters high and 6 meters wide, and the masterpiece was titled “Inferno of Roses”.
    She contributes to a wide variety of cultural activities including - A visiting professor at Taisho University (National Federation of Tax Accountants), Kyoei Foundation / Artistic Field Selection Committee, Innovative Technologies Special Award Selection Committee (Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry) and an Advisor of Aomori prefectural art museum.

  • Naoki Sakai
    Naoki Sakai

    Sakai established Tattoo Company in San Francisco and launched his Tattoo T-Shirt line. Upon his return to Japan, he established Water Studio. Famous for his 1987 works on Nissan “Be-1”, and “PAO” in 1989, which created a future retro boom.
    He was also a Professor at the Graduate School of Media Governance, Keio University.

  • Hiroshi Sakurai
    Hiroshi Sakurai
    Founder of Asahi Shuzo Co., LTD

    Sakurai was born in 1950 in Yamaguchi Prefecture Kurito-Cho (presently Iwakuni-shi).
    After graduating from Matsuyama College of Commerce (presently Matsuyama University) in 1973, he continued his training at Nishinomiya Shuzo (presently Nihon no Sakari Mori Co., Ltd). In 1976 he returned to his family business, however left it shortly after due to conflict with his father. In 1984, after the sudden loss of his father, he returned to his family business and restructured the management around the development of the Junmai Daiginjo Sake “DASSAI”.
    He received global praise for his pursuit of refining taste by using a manufacturing process without establishing a chief brewer.

    In April 2018, he opened a joint store with Mr. Joël Robuchon in Paris and started a new project to build a brewery in NY that same month.


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